Friday, March 28, 2008

Scuba - Thought we'd never make it

After days of practicing mask clearing, pressure equalizing and all other skills that I have already forgotten, we headed to Monterey for our certification run. The weather above water was clear and warm, just plain beautiful. But below water, it was murky and ice cold. Not the best place to enjoy scuba diving.

We survived our four certification dives with flying colors as it got colder and colder each dive. It could have been a lot worse if we didn't spend a gazillion $$ buying wet suits and booties. But all in all, we survived and Thailand, here we come.

Snorkel and mask in front of the Breakwater Cove

Trying to make sure Jenny understood my "Out of Air" signal

Jenny trying to mimic a sea otter

Enjoying dinner at the Cypress Inn Cafe

Spring is here!!!

Nature has always captured the hearts and attention of photographers and Spring time is one of the best times to take flower shots. The sight of flowers beginning to bloom gives a refreshing start to the new year.



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