Friday, August 28, 2009

Paula and Aaron | Church Wedding

Last Saturday, Paula and Aaron tied the knot at St. Agnes Church in San Francisco. They celebrated the occasion with close family and friends. This Sunday, they'll be getting married and sharing their love with friends and family at the Eagle Ridge Golf Club in Gilroy. Can't wait!

Here are some photos from last Saturday.

Aaron reading a card he got for Paula.

Aaron's mom and grandma teared up when he called Paula his wife.

Aaron's dad meeting baby Nate.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby Justin and Baby Ashley - Part III

My my, how fast have they grown. It feels like just yesterday when I met them for the first time. They were just two little 6-pounders. Now they are already weighing in the mid-teens.

Jenny got them each a pair of shades for their up coming disneyland trip and so I figured it'd be neat to capture some pictures of them with the shades. They look totally hip with them and I enjoyed every minute of the photoshoot.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Baby Nate & Baby Naomi | 100 Day Party

My nephew is 3 months old!!! He was able to spend his 100 day celebration with Baby Naomi, who was born just a day after him. It was an awesome party filled with super cute babies, delicious food (Vietnamese food and Carol's famous cupcakes) and Durian! Mmm, Yum!

Baby Nate!

Baby Nate sporting new shades from Auntie Jenny.

Baby Naomi and her Grandpa (left); Baby Naomi with her pink shades.

The proud parents with their babies.

This is my favorite shot of Nate and Naomi. They look so cool with their shades.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kitchen Fire!

Oh no, I almost burnt down the house, again!

I saw this recipe online for lemon chicken and it looked so delicious that I decided to give it a shot. Instead of using a deep fryer, I decided to use a small pot instead. Big mistake. I overloaded my pot with oil and chicken and it overboiled!!! A huge fire started and being a former chemical engineer with 4 years of bunsen burner experience, I did exactly what I expect I'd do - I PANICKED!

Fortunately, this isn't the first time I've started a grease fire. Once at Brandon's house, I started a small fire while cooking. Fortunately, it was much smaller than tonight's. I had no idea you weren't suppose to use water to kill the fire, so I poured a small amount of water and it splashed everywhere.

So remembering the grease on Brandon's ceiling, I tried to think of an alternative to put out the fire. Then I remember my Emergency Response Training that I reluctantly attended back in Honeywell days. Kill the oxygen! So I cover the fire with a glass plate. But since the fire has already spread to beneath the stove, I couldn't kill all the oxygen, but just suppressed the fire.

My rule of thumb in life is always "When in doubt, call for help!" So I called to Jenny for help. Both Sally and Jenny were upstairs relaxing and as soon as she heard me calling for help, she rushed down to find a fire in our kitchen. Being the wise wife that she is, she calmly said "why don't you get the fire extinguisher in the garage?" Lightbulb!!

I've never used a fire extinguisher before, so I was a bit excited! And I have to say, next time a grease fire happens, get a fire extinguisher!! The fire was put out in seconds and I am left with a blackened wall and powder everywhere. Phew, what a night!



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