Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Little Hannah Banana

In life, there are certain people/things/places or sounds/imagery that often trigger one's memory of a specific period of time. Like listening to an old fobby tune that accompanied me during my long hours of studying at college, or seeing a picture of the Rialto Bridge and bringing me back to our honeymoon.

Well, little Hannah Lo (that's right, she is one of us!) has always brought back memories of our wedding day and reminds me of how long Jenny and I have been married. Hannah was born within the week after our wedding. It was a great week for the "Lo family"! =) I still remember seeing Jean (Hannah's mom) on our wedding day, almost unable to attend as she was about to give birth. Little Hannah is now 3 1/2 years old and that means I've been married for 3 1/2 years. Wow, it feels like yesterday when we said "I Do", and when little Hannah was born.

It was a special treat this SoCal trip to be able to hang out with friends. Typically, we head down to SoCal for a wedding and that's pretty much it. But this time, we were able to meet up with Jean, Tony and little Hannah.

I took several candid shots of Hannah. It's nothing compares to the ones Jean takes, as I am often in awe of her shots.

Daddy's little girl

Yes, she is watching Snoopy. What did you expect, Mickey Mouse?

I dug this photo from my vault. Here is a shot of the Lo's and Steven on our wedding day.

Here is a shot of Hannah the weekend we picked up Sally last year.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Santa Paws is Coming to Town

This year, Santa Paws (a.k.a. Sally) took her reindeer to SoCal to spend Christmas with Grandpa and Grandma Paws. It's always been an assumption that Santa Paws drives the sleigh, but this Santa Paws slept the entire drive and relinquished the driving duties to her Red-Nosed Papa Paws and Uncle Paws.

It was quite a windy drive and a dangerous one, to say the least. There were numerous tumbleweeds rolling along the I-5 and dodging these tumbleweeds in the rain was no easy feat. We ended up smashing one and cracked the grill on the Mazda sleigh.

Going home means delicious home-cooked food and this year was no exception! From the famous peanut tofu to hearty chicken soup, Mom's home cooking is Yum-O.

The Mazda sleigh after the tumbleweed. Eeeks.

Santa Paws enjoying her beauty sleep!

I think Santa Paws ate too many cookies in 2008: her Santa suit was a bit more snug compared to previous year's. It looks like 2009's resolution will be to lose some more pounds.

Santa Paws is pondering her Naughty-or-Nice List.

Peanuts Christmas Tree

The acclaimed peanut-tofu. Andy ate 4 pieces!

The real egg roll! Andy helped make this.

Santa Paws borrowed Uncle Paws' sunglasses to block off the glare on the drive home.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Messer becomes the Messee

A few weeks ago, my coworkers decorated my cube with the Little Mermaid theme for my 30th birthday. As promised in my blog entry, I turned the table on Kelly this week and we decorated her cube in a scary Pirate theme. We felt that Pirates are a fitting representation of Kelly. She casts fear on people; sometimes even our boss is scared of her. Being in Finance, money and treasures are no stranger to her. And best of all, Kelly loves to shoot things (like her Nerf gun), so we gave her a pirate gun along with her decorations. Ironically, I am typically on the receiving end of her shooting. =(

Here's Birthday Pirate Kelly!

The Finance group working the mustaches and patches!

Baby Ryan

Over the past few weeks, Newt, Brandon and I have been doing a lot of camera talk. Well, mostly Newt and Brandon have been doing the research, and I've just been reading up on their LOOOOONG email exchanges.

Last weekend, I was able to borrow my friend's Canon 1D-Mark II camera for a test drive. It's a full frame camera that professionals use. What better way to test out the camera than with a super cute subject, BABY RYAN! We had dim sum with the Kwans and I quickly took advantage of the opportunity to do some baby shooting.

For those that have been following our blog for a while, do you notice any difference in the picture quality?

Security is holding tightly to your mom's finger.

I love this shot of grandpa playing with grandson.

Uncle Billy loves Baby Ryan

A Trio of Birthday Boys!

Last Friday, Andy, Billy and Newt celebrated their birthdays with great friends. Shirin and Steve opened up their house for the celebration and even cooked up a delicious BBQ for all of us to enjoy! Thanks everyone for a wonderful party!

The beagle mothers!

Shirin enjoying her burger

Billy and Audrey

Jenny and Brandon

Harsha and Audrey

Andy holding his half-eaten chicken wing and chatting with Dan

Great form Harsha! You just forgot to hit the ball!

My Photo-buddies!


Steve is luckiest man alive: a beer in one hand, Shirin in the other!

The Lo twins: do we look alike?

Tired after all the festivities, Dodger found a nice lap to lay on.

Sean shared his miracle berry with the group so that everything tasted sweet.
Here is Jenny enjoying a lemon.

Here is Jolene showing off the miracle!

I think the miracle wore off, look at Jolene's face!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

OH NO! The BIG 3-0

I knew it was going to come back and bite me. To help celebrate my 30th birthday, my coworkers decorated my cube with an "Under The Sea Party" theme, with Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian everywhere. There were Ariel streamers, Giant 3-0 Balloons, an Arial Pez dispenser, Confetti, etc. Why Little Mermaid you ask? Well, this was a result of me singing "Part Of This World" during our LA training last month. Yes, we have gotten too close and I have let my guard down.

NOTE TO SELF (Don't let anyone know I love to sing)

So for the rest of the day, Maggie (my boss) called me Mermaid whenever she needed me. As a die-heart Zoolander Fan, I responded with "MERMAN"!

My group likes to mess with me (well, I get them back quite a lot too).

Look at my long hair in the back picture.

Lisa baked carrot cupcakes for me. They were delicious!

The two culprits: Lisa and Kelly. Kelly is turning 30 in 2 weeks. Wait till you see what we'll do to her cube.



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