Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Trio of Birthday Boys!

Last Friday, Andy, Billy and Newt celebrated their birthdays with great friends. Shirin and Steve opened up their house for the celebration and even cooked up a delicious BBQ for all of us to enjoy! Thanks everyone for a wonderful party!

The beagle mothers!

Shirin enjoying her burger

Billy and Audrey

Jenny and Brandon

Harsha and Audrey

Andy holding his half-eaten chicken wing and chatting with Dan

Great form Harsha! You just forgot to hit the ball!

My Photo-buddies!


Steve is luckiest man alive: a beer in one hand, Shirin in the other!

The Lo twins: do we look alike?

Tired after all the festivities, Dodger found a nice lap to lay on.

Sean shared his miracle berry with the group so that everything tasted sweet.
Here is Jenny enjoying a lemon.

Here is Jolene showing off the miracle!

I think the miracle wore off, look at Jolene's face!

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Carol said...

tee hee, i like how billy is holding a balloon instead of a beagle. get that twin a beagle! also, where is the prarie dog?? maybe she was feeling camera-shy...



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