Wednesday, December 10, 2008

OH NO! The BIG 3-0

I knew it was going to come back and bite me. To help celebrate my 30th birthday, my coworkers decorated my cube with an "Under The Sea Party" theme, with Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian everywhere. There were Ariel streamers, Giant 3-0 Balloons, an Arial Pez dispenser, Confetti, etc. Why Little Mermaid you ask? Well, this was a result of me singing "Part Of This World" during our LA training last month. Yes, we have gotten too close and I have let my guard down.

NOTE TO SELF (Don't let anyone know I love to sing)

So for the rest of the day, Maggie (my boss) called me Mermaid whenever she needed me. As a die-heart Zoolander Fan, I responded with "MERMAN"!

My group likes to mess with me (well, I get them back quite a lot too).

Look at my long hair in the back picture.

Lisa baked carrot cupcakes for me. They were delicious!

The two culprits: Lisa and Kelly. Kelly is turning 30 in 2 weeks. Wait till you see what we'll do to her cube.

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snoopyjoanne said...

happy birthday ariel merman!!!



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