Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Once a Fob, always a Fob!

It's been a couple of hectic weeks. No, no, I wasn't busy preparing for a big Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year. Instead, I spent my Thanksgiving celebrating with SAM HUI (I'd like to refer him as the founder of Canto-Pop!) My family and I (excluding Jenny 'cause she isn't cool enough to be a Fob) drove to Reno and sang the night away while Sam serenaded us with his best hits of the 70s and 80s. Yes, he is old. He is practically ancient in the HK showbiz world. But what did you expect from a founder.

During this trip, I also observed the special characteristics of a Fob. I mean, how can I spot a Fob 5 miles away?

Here is my top 5 list of how to spot a Fob:

1) When us Fobs travel to a foreign place, we'll still be eating Chinese food.
2) Of course, us Fobs love to take pictures. So you'll be able to find a camera within our arms' reach.
3) When being photographed, we like to do our "V" sign.
4) Especially in Reno/Vegas, we Fobs love buffets!
5) And of course, our fobby accent gives us all away in a second.

If you think of any, let me know. I'll validate it.

We prepared ourselves for the concert by listening to his music during the car ride.

Here is Peppermill's new Sports Book. Every table had a TV. No wonder the casino industry is going through bankrupcy.

Yes, we found Chinese food before our concert.

Here is my mom posing with her concert ticket.

To doubly show off my fobbiness, I held up two "V" signs!

Sam also plays lots of instruments (Drums, Piano, Guitar) He is playing drums on the big screen.

Who said there isn't any English in a Fobby canto-concert!?!?!

And of course you can guess what song they were singing!

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chu! said...

wow. WOW. somehow FOB is just not quite...strong enough of a word. i especially like his cheetah makes him so chic, much more of an international superstar, just like david hasselhoff.



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