Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It was a bright and fiery night...

Last Saturday, we had some friends over for Hot Pot and almost burned our house down. In the midst of setting up the gas stoves, we weren't aware that the butane gas was leaking. When I attempted to start the fire, BA BOOM! Thank God there wasn't any bodily injury (except for Andy's arm hair) or damage to the house. It could have gone a whole lot worse.

The aftermath of the explosion. Check out the plastic table cover!

2008-11-22 Hot Pot with Friends

2008-11-22 Hot Pot with Friends-7

2008-11-22 Hot Pot with Friends-10

2008-11-22 Hot Pot with Friends-13
Julie, Noelle, Shirley and Jenny were making beignets. Yum!
2008-11-22 Hot Pot with Friends-19

My ride to work...

I've been meaning to blog about my ride to work. Everyday as I drive to Mountain View, I pass by a brand new Google soccer field. This field is about a couple of months old and I still remember the first week when the field was complete, there were 20-30 geese enjoying their new home. Of course that wasn't the intent of the field. Then one day, out of nowhere, I saw this monster-sized rodent and no geese! It caught my eyes that I had to do a double-take. Then I thought to myself - ah, UNAGI (quote from Friends)

The Google Soccer Field - Can you smell that fresh grass?
2008-11-21 Ride to Work

There were two giant rodents!
2008-11-21 Ride to Work-3

It looks quite real! I was a bit scared when I was snapping this photo.
2008-11-21 Ride to Work-5b

I also love to drive through my company's business complex, especially during fall when red leaves are everywhere. Who needs to go to the east coast to witness fall foliage.

2008-11-21 Ride to Work-18

2008-11-21 Ride to Work-10

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Congrats to Susan and Gilbert!

Last weekend, Jenny and I attended Susan and Gilbert's wedding down in SoCal. Susan was Jenny's optometry roommate during her last two years in school. It's always a treat for Jenny to catch up with all her friends during these wedding gatherings.

Susan is a passionate coffee drinker (one of my kind) and every time I think of Susan, I think of coffee. It didn't surprise me that there were several elaborate coffee tables at her wedding with lots of coffee amenities (Torino syrups, chocolate chips, whipped cream, etc.) Good call Susan!

2008-11-08 Susan and Gilbert Wedding-36

2008-11-08 Susan and Gilbert Wedding-14

2008-11-08 Susan and Gilbert Wedding-20

2008-11-08 Susan and Gilbert Wedding-25

2008-11-08 Susan and Gilbert Wedding-50

2008-11-08 Susan and Gilbert Wedding-48

2008-11-08 Susan and Gilbert Wedding-57

Here are some of Jenny's friends from Optometry school.
2008-11-08 Susan and Gilbert Wedding-56

The reception was held at the historic Public Library in Redondo Beach.
2008-11-08 Susan and Gilbert Wedding-76

2008-11-08 Susan and Gilbert Wedding-73

2008-11-08 Susan and Gilbert Wedding-85

The renowned photographer, Andrea Dong-Chiu, was on hand to help us snap a photo. Or wait, is it Andrea Chiu-Dong. We had a discussion about whether she prefers her last name first or Mike's first. Obviously I wasn't paying attention. =P To give proper credit, I watermarked the photos with both names. Maybe she can leave a comment to clear this up once and for all.

2008-11-08 Susan and Gilbert Wedding-93

Because the wedding reception was at the Library, it was a brilliant touch to use library checkout cards as guest seating cards. Quite honestly, I haven't seen a libary checkout cards in ages.
2008-11-08 Susan and Gilbert Wedding-105

2008-11-08 Susan and Gilbert Wedding-100

The couple got their groove on as they entered the reception.

2008-11-08 Susan and Gilbert Wedding-107

2008-11-08 Susan and Gilbert Wedding-71

Monday, November 10, 2008

A New Beanie for a New Baby!

During our road trip to Oregon, Jenny was knitting during our entire car ride. What she was knitting was a little beanie for our new baby nephew. She completed the gift just in time for Baby Ryan's 100 days celebration. Good job Jenny!

We used Uno as our model for an almost-completed beanie.

Here is Sylvia listening to a Baby Snoopy that plays a baby lullaby when you pull Snoopy's tail. It's Baby Ryan's first official Snoopy! Yes, we are spreading the Snoopy love!

Here is the Kwan Family posing with the new Snoopy and the beanie. Can you tell that Baby Ryan is really interested in Snoopy?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Isn't He Adorable!

I can't believe I haven't blogged about my baby nephew! We just celebrated Baby Ryan's 100-days old party at Hokkaido Seafood Restaurant, a typical Chinese celebration. Ryan is a super cute baby with lots of facial expressions.

Here are some pictures from the party:

Hokkaido Seafood Restuarant - San Mateo

2008-11-01 Baby Ryan 100-days old Party-149

2008-11-01 Baby Ryan 100-days old Party-61

Baby Ryan chillin in his stroller.
2008-11-01 Baby Ryan 100-days old Party-3

Grandpa with grandson!
2008-11-01 Baby Ryan 100-days old Party-88

Uncle Billy and Grand Aunt with Baby Ryan
2008-11-01 Baby Ryan 100-days old Party-164

You can tell Billy has the baby fever!
2008-11-01 Baby Ryan 100-days old Party-170

This shot was taken by Newt. I love it. Great shot Newt!
2008-11-01 Baby Ryan 100-days old Party - Newt Media-10
Grandpa had Baby Ryan's picture on his cell phone background. I had Sally's. =P
2008-11-01 Baby Ryan 100-days old Party-180

Of course, what's a Chinese baby celebration without Red Eggs!
2008-11-01 Baby Ryan 100-days old Party-94



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