Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baby Ryan

Over the past few weeks, Newt, Brandon and I have been doing a lot of camera talk. Well, mostly Newt and Brandon have been doing the research, and I've just been reading up on their LOOOOONG email exchanges.

Last weekend, I was able to borrow my friend's Canon 1D-Mark II camera for a test drive. It's a full frame camera that professionals use. What better way to test out the camera than with a super cute subject, BABY RYAN! We had dim sum with the Kwans and I quickly took advantage of the opportunity to do some baby shooting.

For those that have been following our blog for a while, do you notice any difference in the picture quality?

Security is holding tightly to your mom's finger.

I love this shot of grandpa playing with grandson.

Uncle Billy loves Baby Ryan


snoopyjoanne said... ryan is sooooooooo cute! your photos look very sharp too.

Carol said...

baby ryan!! when do i get to hold him again?? your photos capture how adorable he is!



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