Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kitchen Fire!

Oh no, I almost burnt down the house, again!

I saw this recipe online for lemon chicken and it looked so delicious that I decided to give it a shot. Instead of using a deep fryer, I decided to use a small pot instead. Big mistake. I overloaded my pot with oil and chicken and it overboiled!!! A huge fire started and being a former chemical engineer with 4 years of bunsen burner experience, I did exactly what I expect I'd do - I PANICKED!

Fortunately, this isn't the first time I've started a grease fire. Once at Brandon's house, I started a small fire while cooking. Fortunately, it was much smaller than tonight's. I had no idea you weren't suppose to use water to kill the fire, so I poured a small amount of water and it splashed everywhere.

So remembering the grease on Brandon's ceiling, I tried to think of an alternative to put out the fire. Then I remember my Emergency Response Training that I reluctantly attended back in Honeywell days. Kill the oxygen! So I cover the fire with a glass plate. But since the fire has already spread to beneath the stove, I couldn't kill all the oxygen, but just suppressed the fire.

My rule of thumb in life is always "When in doubt, call for help!" So I called to Jenny for help. Both Sally and Jenny were upstairs relaxing and as soon as she heard me calling for help, she rushed down to find a fire in our kitchen. Being the wise wife that she is, she calmly said "why don't you get the fire extinguisher in the garage?" Lightbulb!!

I've never used a fire extinguisher before, so I was a bit excited! And I have to say, next time a grease fire happens, get a fire extinguisher!! The fire was put out in seconds and I am left with a blackened wall and powder everywhere. Phew, what a night!


Julie said...

WOW!!! What a night! I guess fireworks will be your specialty from now on ^_^

snoopyjoanne said...

eeks...thank goodness you are all okay! whew...

Carol said...

yikes! lucky you have jenny around. and that you have a fire extinguisher! this the impetus for us to get one. also, next time use the deep fryer!

Shirley said...

hmm . . . that's why I don't let sung in the kitchen except to wash dishes!! That way . . . there's no way he can start a fire. . . although, he did put out a fire for me and my roommate in college =P use your deep fryer!!! we like have the same one!



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