Monday, August 24, 2009

Baby Nate & Baby Naomi | 100 Day Party

My nephew is 3 months old!!! He was able to spend his 100 day celebration with Baby Naomi, who was born just a day after him. It was an awesome party filled with super cute babies, delicious food (Vietnamese food and Carol's famous cupcakes) and Durian! Mmm, Yum!

Baby Nate!

Baby Nate sporting new shades from Auntie Jenny.

Baby Naomi and her Grandpa (left); Baby Naomi with her pink shades.

The proud parents with their babies.

This is my favorite shot of Nate and Naomi. They look so cool with their shades.

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Carol said...

i think i spy a baby nate smile in the group shot, hooray!! :)



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