Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sally and the Bunnies

Joanne and Newt are in Cancun this week and the Bunnies moved over to the Lo's. Being that Sally is very possessive of her Poang chair, she surprisingly didn't mind sharing her chair with Daisy.

Sally thinks: Something feels different on this chair. Can't put my paw on it just yet.

Ah, there is a bunny nudging my butt.

Good grief...

Now there is a white one, how many are there???

Domino reaching to give Sally a kiss.


snoopyjoanne said...

WOW!!! i can't believe the bunnies and sally can coexist peacefully like that...that's so nice of sally to share her poang chair. yay looks like the bunnies found a new sibling to play with so we'll just leave them with you forever. good luck ;P we'll come visit sometime.

Carol said...

aww aww aww, so cute. wish i could have been there. will miss little daisy!



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