Saturday, May 3, 2008

Thailand: From Elephants Mooning us in Chiang Mai to An Angry Triggerfish in the Similan Islands.

We've heard so many great things about Thailand from all of our friends that we decided it was time to jump onto the bandwagon. And you know what, our friends weren't lying. We spent ten days in Thailand, visiting Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Phuket, Khao Lak and the Similan Islands off the coast of the Andaman Sea.

Here are some of the amazing sights we saw in Thailand. These pictures are worth a thousand words, and besides, I am not good with words. So if you want to know more about our trip, visit Snoopy's Crafts... =P

My favorite shot of the trip. It captured the peacefulness of the Elephant Nature Park.

Wrinkly Elephant

The three amigos' behinds
Elephants tend to hang out in groups. These three amigos enjoyed mooning us with their behinds. :)

Nemo off the Similan Islands
It took us until our ninth and final dive to find Nemo. No wonder it took Marlin an entire movie to find him.

An Angry Trigger Fish
Angry Triggerfish

We didn't realize that we intruded into a triggerfish's nest. Their nests extend conically upward to the surface, which we learned in the pre-dive briefing. We just had no idea during the dive, that we were near its nest. You can see from this shot that this is one angry triggerfish ready to bite off Jenny's leg. Luckily for her, she had no idea how close it was until after the dive when we were looking at the photos.

Here's more info from wikipedia: A few of the triggerfish species can be quite aggressive during reproduction season. In particular Picasso triggerfish and titan triggerfish viciously defend their circular nests against any intruders, including scuba divers and snorkelers. Their territory extends in a cone shape from the nest to the surface, so swimming upwards puts one further into the fishes' territory. A horizontal swim away from the nest site is the most sensible course of action when confronted by an angry triggerfish. In contrast to the relatively small Picasso triggerfish, the titan triggerfish poses a serious threat to inattentative divers due to its large size and powerful teeth.

A Takeaway Iced Coffeee
Ah, Iced Coffee in a bag. A unique take-away method. I loved it so much that I even asked for a take-away coffee while dining in.


snoopyjoanne said...

what about my favorite triggerfish, the clown triggerfish?!? ;P

ahhh...the takeaway bag :) mmm... refreshing!

The Senakams said...

Great photos! So glad I got here through Joanne's blog :)

That first elephant photo is AMAZING! So serene and a bit nostalgic... in fact I love all the elephant photos, you captured their spirit (and behinds) perfectly :)

Oh and we also had curry-in-a-bag last time we were in Bangkok, it did take some getting used to, ha!



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