Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lakes Basin/Sierra City Camping

We spent a fun filled weekend camping at Lakes Basin/Sierra City. For the first time, Sally got in the water and she hated it! With her stubby legs, you'd think that it would take her forever to get to shore, but she was like a torpedo!. Check out her swimming video below.

Lazy as a log...

Lake Basin Camping

I love the outdoors! Basking in the sun is my favorite thing to do.
Lake Basin Camping2

I wanted that hammock. Oh well, I'll settle with this chair instead.
Lake Basin Camping-3

Ah, finally!

Lake basing Camping-23

Classic beagle calendar shot.

Lake Basin Camping-4

Jenny and Sally demonstrating the sit command.
Lake Basin Camping-5

Heading over to a nearby lake.

Lake Basin Camping-8

The scenary was just spectacular!
Lake basing Camping-22

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this is the picture of why I want a Golden as my next dog.
Brody diving

Brandon transporting the cooler with the paddle board.
Lake basing Camping-9

Andy transporting the Log with the paddle boardLake basing Camping-6

If I look concerned to you, that's because I am. Stop mistaking me for a golden or a lab. I am a PURE BEAGLE!
Lake basing Camping-7

Ah, back to my specialty, sniffing for food! Let's see, what's for dinner?
Lake basing Camping-20

Hot dogs sound delicious!
Lake basing Camping-21

Family shot.
Lake basing Camping-24

It's nice and cool in my tent. This reminds me of my tent at home.
Lake basing Camping
Videos to come soon!


snoopyjoanne said...

i love the pic of sally on the paddle board! bonnie wants to catch a ride on the board next time. also, newt wants to know how you took that cool pic of brody jumping in the water! :)

Carol said...

was that really sally on the lake? so cute! arrow misses sally. woof!

The Senakams said...

Wow, sounds like you guys had such a blast! We've been thinking about camping with Bryson for a while now, your amazing photos really inspired us to do it before warm-ish weather ends :)

Are dogs allowed off-leash where you went? We want to make sure we go somewhere where Bryson can run around sans leash. Sally looks so funny being paddled :) I think Bryson will tip the board, ha ha!



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