Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fresh Pasta! Mmm!!

For Christmas 2008, Newt and Joanne suggested that instead of buying gifts for one another, we should do something fun together. So last Saturday, Joanne, Newt, Jenny and I spent several hours at Draeger's Cooking School learning how to make fresh pasta. Surprisely, it wasn't that difficult at all. I have always had this perception that making fresh pasta requires a lot of time. We made several different kinds of pasta: Agnolotti; Fazzoletti; Farfalle; Fettuccine. We had a blast learning and I look forward to this family tradition for years to come. Now we just have to decide which pasta machine to buy...

Fazzoletti - Little Handkerchiefs

Farfelle - Butterflies or Bow Ties

Garnet Yam Agnolotti

The Lee Sisters rolling out the dough.

Jenny was surprised at how long the handkerchief was.

Jenny sharing the leftover yam filling with Newt.

Andy helping to cook the fresh pasta


snoopyjoanne said...

you failed to mention that jenny was a little tipsy from the red wine that they kept refilling ;P you should blog about the fresh pesto pasta you made at home for us last weekend too....delish!

jean said...

that's super cool!! i wanna learn! is it worth all the trouble?

Andy Lo said...

yup, it's definitely worth it! Fresh pasta taste so much better. Next time you visit, we'll be sure to make you some!



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