Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Day (or Year) in the Life of San Francisco

If you recall from a blog entry last year, Brandon and I embarked on a photographic mission known as "A Day in the Life of San Francisco". We set out with our cameras and captured the heart of a city we proudly called home. What we discovered through this journey was that a day was just not enough, not even close. So a couple weeks ago, with new cameras and lenses on our shoulders, we visited the city again, for the fourth time, and captured what is now called "A Year in the Life of San Francisco." It's been a blast sharing this photographic passion with my best friend. We definitely have different photographic eyes and I can't wait for this photobook to be published.

Here is a picture of Brandon working it!

For great shots, sometimes we had to break the law. We did that for the next shot.

Classic San Francisco skyline.

Cable Car: A Symbol of San Francisco

The last time we visited the Palace of Fine Arts, it was under renovation.

Fisherman's Wharf - Crabs anyone?

I love this picture. It looks as if someone is trying to sneak up on the seagull.

You will only fine this in Chinatown: a pearl necklace on one rack and dried salty fish on the other.

The Painted Ladies.


Carol said...

awww...makes me miss my city even more. can't wait to get back there. i love the shot of the boats all lined up.

snoopyjoanne said...

where did you trespass into?!



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