Monday, April 6, 2009

Goodbye Toyota.....Helloooooo Subaru!!

Last month, we got into a car accident. Fortunately, all four passengers weren't hurt, but our poor Toyota '97 Camry absorbed most of the injury. Because the repair cost practically equaled the value of our car, our car was deemed a total loss. We spent several weeks test driving different types of cars, from hybrids to small compact SUVs. Since we've already got a gas-efficient Toyota Corolla, we decided to move towards a bigger car.

The Subaru Forester fit all our needs. It has all the ruggedness that the Lo's will ever need. It's quite a comfortable ride, and Jenny especially loves the giant moon roof and heated front seats.

Our poor camry =(

Not sure if I am fan of their logo. It's growing on me though.

We purchased our Forester in Walnut Creek.
It was a bit of a pain to drive out there, but they gave us a better deal than Redwood City.

After the purchase, we spent the afternoon in Berkeley.

Here is the reflection off the door handle of one of the homes on Etna Street, where both our college apartments were.


Julie said...

Welcome to the Subaru/Forester (Forister) family ^_^

snoopyjoanne said...

we love your new car! the reclining back passenger seats are the best! and you forgot to mention that it was roomy enough to carry my glider/ottoman home.

woohoo, the lo's can drive us everywhere from now on!

Carol said...

nice does trouble like the new ride?? aroooooo



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