Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Joey & Michelle Wedding - Cinnabar Hills

What a small world . . . my co-worker Joey got married last Saturday and his photographer happens to be Augie Chang. Augie is this amazing photographer that Newt and Joanne had for their wedding two years ago. Every year, he invites photo enthuiasts around the Bay Area to assist him in his weddings and I was fortunate enough to help him with several weddings last year. A lot of my photographic style stems from his work.

So when I heard that Augie was shooting Joey's wedding, I volunteered to help Joey out and be the second shooter for the day. Obviously, Augie didn't need any help, but I figured it'd be a great learning experience shooting next to a pro.

I love the shoes, especially the ring bearer's.

Joey and Michelle rented a photo booth for the wedding.
The guests were able to make a scrapbook for the couple right on the spot. Check out Joey's expression as he is being "handcuffed" by marriage!

Here is "The Camera Crew" entry to the scrapbook.


Julie said...

awesome pictures!

snoopyjoanne said...

again very professional! good job andy!

jean said...

these are beautiful andy!! are you thinking of leaving your day job?? =) btw, what editing program did you use in these? is it different than what you usually use?



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