Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baby Nathan Part II: Joanne or Newt?

It's usually hard to tell early on whether the baby looks more like the mom or the dad. When I first met Baby Nathan, I thought he looked more like Newt, because of his nose. Now on day 4, I think he looks more like Joanne, with his round face. What do you think?

To refresh your memory of what Joanne and Newt look like, I've also put in a picture of them below to help you.


madhat421 said...

Nate is soo cute!! nice shot of the baby, Lo. I think at first glance, he reminds me of joanne. I think it's his lips and mouth in this photo that looks like joanne's. If only he had a BC and a snorkel on it would make it easier to compare who looks like who. :)

Carol said...

can't wait to meet the little one. won't know who he resembles until i see him in person! (tho the first pics really look like newt!

jean said...

joanne. definitely joanne. but yes, your first pictures of Nathan looked definitely like Newt. that's the amazing part of babies -they are the perfect blend of both parents. =) I totally see that in Hannah. So me, yet so Tony.



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