Saturday, July 18, 2009

South Korea | Travel

Jenny and I spent 10 days traveling to South Korea and I have to say, we're now huge fans of Korean food. Besides the traditional bibimbap, sundubu, and korean BBQ, we fell in love with their KFC (korean fried chicken), lettuce/mint wrap BBQ black pig, and gingseng chicken soup, to name a few.

The weather didn't cooperate at all, raining 9 out of 10 days. So we stopped off to eat every chance we got (#1 to enjoy their food, #2 to stay dry). We spend 3 days in Jeju Do, visiting a lava cave, cliffs, and waterfalls. We then flew to Busan, the second largest city in South Korea and known for its seafood, and spent two days shopping, sightseeing, and more eating. We wrapped up our trip in Seoul. We were a bit concerned over the North Korean's latest missile launch but that didn't stop us from visiting the DMZ (demilitarized zone between North & South Korea) and the 3rd infiltration tunnel. It was such an interesting trip from an historical perspective. I am so used to traveling to landmarks that happened several hundreds/thousand years ago. But with the DMZ and the current conflicts, it feels more real.

Singapore Airlines, gotta love the individual TVs.

Jusangjeolli Cliff - Stone Pillars.

Lava Cave

White Hyundai everywhere

We often times used hand motions/writing for communication. This was to tell me to return at 1pm

Always have to check out a McDonald's when you travel! It was Filet-O-Ebi Burger in Japan and now Bulgogi Burger in Korea.

If you haven't tried KFC (Korean Fried Chicken), it's absolutely delicious!

This picture summed up the weather in Jeju Do

We did have one sunny day at Busan. So we quickly packed our stuff and headed straight to the famous Haeundae Beach.

Changdeokgung Palace

The exchange of guards


Carol said...

wow, looks like it was a great trip despite the weather! your fancy camera work keeps getting more impressive! did you do some color stuff with the changing of the guard shots? very nice.

Julie said...

mmmmm... Yammmmmm...



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