Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Iron Chef Night - Pear and Pumpkin

Our second iron chef night was fantastic!! Everyone stepped up and really focused on winning! Every dish tasted awesome and looked beautiful. It was great for the eyes and even better for the stomach. Just posting these pictures makes me hungry. Can't wait for our next iron chef night.

Our menu for the night

Prickly Pear

Asian Pear

Sliced Bartlett for Pear Wafer

Baking two Japanese pumpkins

Sean's Pear-Pork Dumplings

Carol's ingredients for her Pumpkin Sticky Rice

Shirin's Pear Jello with White Grape Sparkler

Dan's Pumpkin Biscuit with Pear Butter and County Ham

Shea's Roasted Pear Arugula Salad

My beef-bourguignon in a pumpkin bowl

Carol's Pumpkin-Chinese Sausage Sticky Rice

Brandon's Carmelized Pear with Grilled Pork

Steve's Pumpkin Mashed with Pumpkin-glazed Meatloaf

Jenny's Winning Trio Pear Sorbet (Prickly, Asian, Bartlett) with Pear Wafer

Shirin's Pumpkin Spiced Hot Chocolate

1 comment:

Carol said...

it was so fun! and yummy! since i came in last on pumpkin/pear, i am determined to win the next iron chef! heh heh heh...



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