Monday, December 7, 2009


Yup, it's that time of the year when the Lo's bring out the snoopy Christmas collection. We essentially snoopify our house, our Christmas tree, even our PJs with Snoopy related items (well, snoopy PJs are year-round). It's actually quite fun to bring out 5+ tupperware of snoopy Christmas decorations. Since I've been quite busy with photo shoots lately, we had to push out our Christmas decoration this year to a Monday. Still, with Christmas music in the background, the night was still filled with great Christmas spirit.

Here is a glimpse of the snoopy madness:

This year, we added a new collection item: a Snoopy Countdown display!

One of my favorites of all ornaments.

These are not snoopy ornaments, but Jenny and I bought them during our first Christmas together.

Too much snoopy for Sally to handle.


snoopyjoanne said...

i'm very jealous about the snoopy countdown clock! wish i had one too.

Carol said...

ha ha definitely snoopified! that countdown clock is huge! impressive. i love all the santa snoopys. and the ornament with the comic strip, so cozy!

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