Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bay Area Beagles Meetup - 4/27/08 San Bruno

The Beagle group meets at least twice a month, one Sunday and one Saturday, traveling around the entire Bay Area. Sally and Bonnie were able to attend the Bay Area Beagles Meetup on 4/27/08. It was a beautiful day and 21 beagles showed up to the event. Being new members of the group, Sally and Bonnie definitely enjoyed meeting new friends.

Bay Area Beagle Meetup

Sally knows just where to stand for a picture

Lee's with the Beagles
Jenny and Joanne posing with the smiling beagles.

Bonnie's Favorite Place - The Dog Park!
Bonnie's Favorite Place - The Dog Park!

Stubby Legs
Stubby legs trying to get some water from the drinking fountain.

Bonnie Enjoying Her Alone Time.
Bonnie's alone time.

Howling for friends to come over.

Friendly Cousin Chase
Cousin Sally heard Bonnie's howling and came running!

Please, let me smell you ears. Just once!
Let me smell your ears, just once!

I promise you, it won't hurt.
It won't hurt, I promise!

The Stare Down
First, the stare down!

The howling begin
Then, the howling!

Just Happy
Sally showing just happy she was to scare that puppy away!

Yawn or Sneeze?
Yawning or Sneezing... ?

Leg Crossing
Studies have shown that dogs like to mimic their owners. Here is a classic example of one of Andy's favorite activities.

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snoopyjoanne said...

what a fun day at the park! can we go again soon? says bonnie. ar ar aroo!!!



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