Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beagle Fun at Fort Funston!

Jenny and I were able take Sally and Bonnie to Fort Funston last weekend. As you can see from pictures, the beagles had a blast chasing each other.

Beagle Chase

Sally chasing Bonnie

Floppy Ears
Bonnie chasing Sally

Sally, COME!
Flying toward the camera

Jenny with the Beagles Taking a break from climbing the stairs

Wow - such attention! The beagles must be focused on a treat.

Sleepy Beagles
Pooped after a day of fun


snoopyjoanne said...

ooh i wish i was there, it looks so fun! bonnie sure is a lucky beagle - thanks for picking her up for a play date!

Carol said...

awww look at those beagles! cutie pies.



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