Saturday, May 31, 2008

One Happy Dodger!

This weekend proves that I am a trustworthy friend and a proven dog owner as I am now Dodger's emergency contact while Shirin and Steve are traveling. It got me started thinking about Dodger and how much he has grown this past year.

I still remember the first time I met Dodger, an innocent little pup that was no bigger than the size of my keyboard. He apparently ate some funky food that night 'cause he farted practically every 5 minutes. I think that's how his "stinky" nickname came about. And I specifically remember asking Steve, "Do dogs fart?"

Here are several pictures of Dodger that I dug out of my vault:

2007-08-06 Shirin-Steve-Dodger (7)

2007-08-06 Shirin-Steve-Dodger (9)

Dodger is probably one of the quickest learners I've met. It does help when he is a super food-motivated.

One Happy Dodger!
Fast-forward to this month and my favorite shot of Dodger. His expression is so genuine, and as you can see, he loves the beach.


sallybrown said...

awwwww... dodger was so tiny when he was a puppy! hard to believe that was from last august!

Carol said...

dodger is huge now! what a jolly pooch. i'm glad he was not so...erm...stinky, when i met him!



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