Sunday, June 22, 2008

3 Years Anniversary!

Jenny and I just celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary this past week!! I borrowed little Sally to help me deliver Jenny's anniversary gift (see pictures below). As mentioned in the previous blog, Sally didn't mind at all having a box tied to her collar. It was Jenny's first Tiffany (Sniffany for Sally's world) jewelry and she loved it! She has worn it nonstop, even to sleep!

We spent our night eating sushi at Mutsu and watching Kung Fu Panda at the San Mateo theaters. The food was delicious, very authentic. We especially enjoyed the chawan mushi, quite comparable to Kirala in Berkeley. The service was a bit slow and there wasn't much of an ambiance to the place. But if you are snobby about your Japanese food, Mutsu is a good place to go. Kung Fu Panda was good. Jenny really liked Po the Panda. There were some very funny scenes but also some cheesy scenes. All in all, it was a great night.

We extended our celebration by having dinner at Chez Panisse this Saturday. We got a gift certificate from Steven as our wedding gift and what a better way to use the gift certificate than to celebrate our anniversary. We had very high expectations for Chez Panisse and maybe it was a bit too high. The food was excellent, definitely in the realm of fine dining. Yet, it didn't blow us away as we had hoped. Maybe we are just too spoiled living in the Bay Area.

2008-06-18 3yr Anniversary - Sniffany-5
Do I have a blue box around my neck?

2008-06-18 3yr Anniversary - Sniffany-8
Jenny putting on her necklace.

2008-06-18 3yr Anniversary - Sniffany-13
Jenny posing with her gift.

2008-06-21 Chez Panisse 3yr Anniversary Dinner (13)


snoopyjoanne said...

haha...sniffany ;P


Carol said...

sally and her sniffany...she is one talented beagle! happy anniversary!!



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