Monday, June 23, 2008

Our own Beaglefest

The hot weather coupled with a long drive were great reasons to bypass this month's Beaglefest in Sausalito. Instead, we took the pooches to Fort Funston for a relaxing stroll along the beach where we met six other beagles! There were quite a few dog chases amongst our girls and of course Bonnie was in the middle of every one. As we walked back to our car, Bonnie was exhausted and we thought that papa Newt would have to carry her!

2008-06-21 Fort Funston - Arrow-Bonnie-Sally-11
Arrow leading the chase, Bonnie is the middle of every chase (literally), and Sally (chunky monkey) catches up.

2008-06-21 Fort Funston - Arrow-Bonnie-Sally-23
Two against one, though my bet is still on Sally.

2008-06-21 Fort Funston - Arrow-Bonnie-Sally-10
Arrow likes to stop mid-chase and lay down on the sand. Sally wasn't done with the chasing and howls at Arrow to get up.

2008-06-21 Fort Funston - Arrow-Bonnie-Sally-28
Look at Sally's's hilarious (she's mid-wiggle)!

2008-06-21 Fort Funston - Arrow-Bonnie-Sally-18
Bonnie loves playing with toys that we decided to have her carry one. She enjoyed practicing her soccer skills.

2008-06-21 Fort Funston - Arrow-Bonnie-Sally-35
At the end of the trail, Bonnie was glad to drink some water.

Arrow, Bonnie and Sally hung out on Sunday and pretty much laid around the pup tent. Except for Sally, the other two dogs aren't fans of confined spaces and so they just sprawled out on the carpet instead of in the tent

2008-06-22 Foster City Beaglefest-8
The Three Amigos showing off their "down" positions

2008-06-22 Foster City Beaglefest-2

Looks like Sally is smiling

2008-06-22 Foster City Beaglefest-30

Wait... 5 beagles?!? Oh, they were just joined by Uno and Mini-me


snoopyjoanne said...

haha...i WAS fooled by the pic of the "5" beagles...teehee! ;P

great action shots, love it when their ears flap up.

nice lazy afternoon by the pup tent too...what a life!

Carol said...

awww look at the beagles playing! love the action shots on the beach, and how on earth did you get arrow to pose in front of the tent???



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