Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July BBQ

One of the great American traditions that we particularly enjoy is the celebration of our Independence Day with a barbeque. This year, we invited five sets of families to join us for some good grubbing (The Lo's, The Kwan's, The Lee's, The Chou's and The Li's.) We also got a chance to celebrate Jenny's mom and Newt's mom's birthdays. Happy Birthday!

We had a wide variety of foods, from Teriyaki Salmon, Tandoori Chicken, to Korean BBQ Tri-Tip, and Peanut-Sauce Noodles. For dessert, we had fruit salad, a delicious cake and an attempt on a chocolate fountain.

After dinner, we strolled over to Leo J Ryan park to watch the Foster City Fireworks.

2008-07-04 BBQ at Lo's-3

Newt and Joanne loading some corn onto the grill

2008-07-04 BBQ at Lo's-5

Andy setting up his charcoal.

2008-07-04 BBQ at Lo's-14

We almost had "Smoked Steven" for dinner.

2008-07-04 BBQ at Lo's-16
The Big Kids' table.

2008-07-04 BBQ at Lo's-17
The Young Adults' table.

2008-07-04 BBQ at Lo's-21
The birthday cake for Mrs. Chou and Mrs. Lee

2008-07-04 BBQ at Lo's-25

The mothers were pleasantly surprised.

2008-07-04 BBQ at Lo's-75

Fireworks along the lagoon

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snoopyjoanne said...

mmm...i love bbq at the lo's! it was quite amazing to get all 5 families together. wowza, i was stuffed. but how come no pics of the pooches?



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