Saturday, July 5, 2008

Filoli Garden

The weather was beautiful on Saturday and what better way to enjoy it then to visit a flower garden. We visited the Filoli Center (Fight, Love, Live) with the Chou and the Lee family. Though spring time would have been a better season for flowers, there were still plenty of pretty flowers to see.

Here are some of the pictures Andy took during our visit:

2008-07-05 Filoli Garden-77
The Lo's, Lee's and Chou's.

2008-07-05 Filoli Garden-25
The group was excited to find Andy who was always lagging behind.

2008-07-05 Filoli Garden-17
The door knob of one of the entrance gates.

2008-07-05 Filoli Garden-24

2008-07-05 Filoli Garden-85
The plants were very friendly.

2008-07-05 Filoli Garden-59
One of our favorite shots of the day.

2008-07-05 Filoli Garden-41
Lavender garden

2008-07-05 Filoli Garden-64

2008-07-05 Filoli Garden-72


snoopyjoanne said...

i like the photos of the lavender. also nice shot of the garden thru the arched entrance. glad i finally learned what filoli stands for - we should check it out in the springtime for the tulips!

Carol said...

pretty lavender! you should definitely go when tulips are in bloom. also earlier in spring when the magnolias and daffodils are blooming...spectacular!



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