Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival - "Moon Festival"

Each year, Chinese people get together to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. When I was a kid in Hong Kong, my parents would take us to the store to pick out our favorite lanterns. We would light them up and watch them glow and compete with the brightness of the moon.

Recently at the Lo's, we would cut some moon cakes, drink some tea and enjoy the brightest, fullest moon of the year. This year, we celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival with me wrapping over 100 dumplings. I saw Bobby Flay's Season 4's Throwdown with Sohui Kim on Dumplings and was inspired to make some for the celebration. The secret ingredient for Sohui Kim's dumplings was tofu as it provides softness to the stuffing, giving it more juice. However, after tasting them, I liked them without tofu because it took away the texture of the stuffing (normally just pork and cabbage). I also made dumplings stuffed with shitake mushroom and shrimp, and those turned out well.

A tray of fresh dumpling, Yum-O!
2008-09-14 Mid-Autumn Festival

Steven helped pan fry the dumplings. Look at the nicely crusted dumpling bottoms!
2008-09-14 Mid-Autumn Festival-9

Here is a photo of the moon under the Foster City sky taken by Brandon with his Telephoto lens. Do you see "the woman"?
2008-09-15 Full Moon-1


snoopyjoanne said...

i really liked the shiitake mushroom one...did that one have tofu? mmm...homemade potstickers are the best! when are you making them again!?!?

Carol said...

yeah, when are you making them again?



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