Saturday, September 20, 2008

1 for Sally, 25 for Joanne

A couple weekends ago, my friend from work graciously let us borrow her house in Tahoe, and a bunch of friends drove up and celebrated Sally's 1yr Anniversary as a "Lo" and Joanne's "25th" birthday. The house had a huge backyard for the doggies to run around and was perfectly located with beaches 10 minutes away! So we spent our weekend swimming with the dogs, playing lake football, and relaxing in the evening with a delicious BBQ of bacon-wrapped scallops, tri-tips, chicken, and yummy cupcakes from Carol. Newt and Steven also participated in a 72 mile bike ride around Tahoe. Whew, I get tired just by typing that sentence!

Sally's friends came and celebrated with her and Jenny prepared some doggie treats party favors for all of Sally's guests. Also, I surprised Jenny with a photobook of Sally Wally (her nickname) and her one year with us.

Eggs and Sausages...Breakfast time!
Sally 1, Joanne 33

The house had a beautiful deck in the back for eating.
Sally 1, Joanne 33-2

Joanne finishing up the rest of the Cheetos!
Sally 1, Joanne 33-5

Sally getting teased by Andy with a dog treat.
Sally 1, Joanne 33-6

Bonnie was another victim.
Sally 1, Joanne 33-7

Sally and her beagle pals
Sally 1, Joanne 33-4

Nothing better than basking in the sun with your cousin.
Sally 1, Joanne 33-8

The poochies enjoyed an afternoon swim in the lake. Well, really only Brody and Dodger did. The torpedo (Sally) and Bonnie jetted back to shore immediately.
Sally 1, Joanne 33-17

Brody, show me what's in your mouth!
Sally 1, Joanne 33-18

Andy messing with Sally again, with rocks on her back. Sally the Stegosaurus dinosaur!
Sally 1, Joanne 33-19

Carol's scrumptious mango cupcakes!
Sally 1, Joanne 33-20

Joanne received the same musical Peanuts birthday card three times, including one from Newt!
Sally 1, Joanne 33-21

The Lo's posing with the Photobook.
Sally 1, Joanne 33-22

After a fun weekend, it's time for lazy Sally to get her beauty sleep.
Sally 1, Joanne 33-23


snoopyjoanne said...

aw, did you really have to mention my age?! *sigh* anyways, we love your coworker and hope we can go to her tahoe house again! thanks for arranging this :)

Carol said...

awww, love the pic of sally and her beagle friends looking up. arrow, dan and i had a great time!! when's the next trip??

snoopyjoanne said...

ah yes, ahem "25th" birthday is more like it! tha-anks :)



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