Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sally's Love for the Vet

Sally's Blog Entry...

"Some of my friends like to go to the park, others like the beach. For me, I like to go to the Vet. That's right, you heard it. I like to go to the Vet!

Since I've joined my new family last year, my dad's already taken me to see my vet 5 times. First, there was the initial checkup. I was nervous at first, considering this was my first visit. But once I saw the bowl of treats at the counter, I felt right at home. Then I had an UTI (urinary tract infection) in Winter. Those were some painful moments. My parents left me for two weeks in the Spring to go scuba diving in Thailand and I had really bad allergies. I had my second UTI soon after that. And if that wasn't enough, I just came back from my vet, diagnosed with anal sacculitis, an infection in my anal glands. =(

That's just great. Because of this, now I have to wear a diaper. That's right, it's even a puppy diaper. I ain't no puppy. At least my dad bought me a denim version to restore some of my dignity.

Here is a picture of me defending my tent with my stupid denim on. How am I suppose to look tough against my intruders with this diaper on? Remember my previous stance without the diaper? I looked more fierce!

Sally and Her Diaper

To help me feel better about myself, my dad took me out to paddleboard surf. I think my dad is trying too hard to make me feel tougher; I mean, look how big I am compared to Dad and Brandon.

Oh yeah, speaking of big, my vet said I need to lose some pounds. I am 15% heavier since my last visit. No wonder people call me chunky monkey. Good grief..."

Look cool in her diaper


Carm said...

poor Sally :( be brave, girl!

snoopyjoanne said...

oh poor sally! :( i am glad you are starting to feel better today though. and you look very cute in denim, it's a very flattering fabric- good job dad Andy! happy recovery...

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Oh no! Hope she gets over the infection soon :( That diaper doesn't look half bad, it could be a fashion statement :)

Carol said...

HA HA HA HA HA! sorry to laugh at your misfortune, sally, but you are so funny and cute in your denim! i am very relieved to hear the stinkiness was due to a medical condition and not just um business as usual. i was afraid i would never be able to pick you up again. feel better soon!



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