Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Road Trip to Oregon

Wow, it's been several weeks since I've last blogged. A road trip to Oregon and a business trip to Disneyland =) isn't too shabby of a way to spend the last two weeks.

Oregon is a beautiful GREEN state and if you get a chance, I really recommend you to drive. Portland is about a 10-12 hrs drive from the Bay Area depending on the number of viewpoints you stop along the way. =P Here are some of my favorite shots of Oregon!

We left the house around 4 am (my usual time) and took off.
2008-10-16 Portland Drive Up-12-2

How can you go on a road trip without stopping off at McDonald's?
2008-10-16 Portland Drive Up-27

Thanks to Billy, my iTouch was loaded with movies. Here is Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.
2008-10-16 Portland Drive Up-44

We stayed in this beautifully decorated boutique hotel (Ace Hotel) in Portland.

Here is the main lobby of the hotel. Those couches were comfy!
2008-10-17 Portland-26-2

This was on our way to Tillamook. The fall season brings such colorful landscapes.
2008-10-18 Portland - Tillamook-37-Edit

One of my favorite autumn shots.
2008-10-18 Portland - Tillamook-43

We stopped by a petting farm and for some reason, I really like this shot of the turkeys. Maybe because Thanksgiving is coming up.
2008-10-18 Portland - Tillamook-81

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