Saturday, October 11, 2008

Some say spooky, we say Snoopy!

Halloween is supposed to be spooky. People decorate their homes/offices with skulls, ghosts, witches ....i.e. spooky things!

Just look at what my Finance team did to our office!

I did 0.5% of the decorations. That's why it looks so nice!
2008-10-09 Finance Halloween Decorations-8

2008-10-09 Finance Halloween Decorations-7

As a spoof, I added my co-worker's eyes to the skull. Mu ha ha!
2008-10-09 Finance Halloween Decorations-6

But at the Lo's home, Halloween is about decorating with Snoopy things. Well, not just Halloween. There's also Thankgiving, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, Spring Training, Back to School . . . well, you get the point. The Lo's decorate all of the holidays with Snoopy things.

We just retired the summer Baseball Snoopy decorations for the year and rolled out the Halloween sets.

2008-10-13 Halloween Snoopy Decorations-2

2008-10-13 Halloween Snoopy Decorations-5

2008-10-13 Halloween Snoopy Decorations-2-2

2008-10-13 Halloween Snoopy Decorations-6

2008-10-13 Halloween Snoopy Decorations

The Dracula Snoopy's arms move up and Dracula Woodstock reveals himself. Then Snoopy giggles. Probably one of our favorites in the Snoopy Collection.
2008-10-13 Halloween Snoopy Decorations-10-Edit

2008-10-11 Halloween Snoopys PVC-6


snoopyjoanne said...

the lo's household really IS snoop-ified all year round! i think you always win w/ the number of snoopy decorations you have. and this year i'll have to live vicariously with you as all my snoopy stuff is packed away :(

Carol said...

seasonal snoopy at the lo's! my great pumpkin snoopy, courtesy of joanne, is in storage this year. waaahhh!



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