Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Root Cause

So Jenny and I have been pondering why Chunky Monkey (a.k.a Sally) has gained 15% of her weight since her last vet visit. Being trained as an engineer (ha ha, I laugh every time I see that on my resume. Let's be honest here, I ain't no engineer. Just ask my friends.), I decided to solve this mystery by retracing our steps to understand what really is the root cause. That's right, we are doing a root-cause analysis on Sally's weight gain. Though this may sound like a major effort, it really wasn't and the analysis was quickly completed when we visited Sally's treat pantry. She has lots of treats. Lots!

2008-10-09 Sally's Treats-4

Aside from her extensive treat assortments, Sally's weight gain is also probably contributed by her lack of exercise. If you have seen her photobook, you'll probably notice that more than 25% of her pictures were in a sleeping/laying/curled up position. (She sleeps in her tent, lays out in the dog park, or curls up in her poang chair, to name a few.)

So what we have done in the last week is less treats and more exercise. Hopefully during her next vet visit (which is soon since we haven't visited the vet for the past two weeks), she'll be back to her slimmer self.


snoopyjoanne said...

good luck sally! bonnie thinks you are looking trimmer already. and if you want to share some of your treats, bonnie will gladly help you out! :)

Carol said...

arrow says she'll help eat the extra treats! but i think sally wally is a cutie even when she is a chunky monkey!



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