Monday, January 12, 2009

Lake Tahoe 2009

It doesn't get any better than celebrating the New Year in a warm cozy home while snow is falling outside. That's how we spent the first three days of 2009, in snowy Lake Tahoe. We were again fortunate enough to rent out my coworker's house in Lake Tahoe and we made the best of our time playing Catch Phrase, Wits & Wagers, watching Wall-E (Wah wah wah), cooking up delicious food and playing some snow football.

A nice layer of snow buildup on top of the fence

Nothing more amazing than a new coat of fresh snow on your windshield...

...and a fresh dog paw-print on the snow

Yup, our poochies are spoiled:
Bonnie with her red Beag-coat and Sally with her purple Furberry-coat

The Chou Family Photo

Bonnie layered on a waterproof raincoat over the red Beag-coat.

Bonnie sinking into deep snow

Great shot Newt! I love Sally's unconditional love!

Known as a "Torpedo" in the water, Sally is known as "Snow Mobile" in the snow! We love her Bunny ears!

One of our favorite pictures of Sally! Look at her eyes!

As always, Andy messes with Sally by putting as much stuff on her as possible.
Sally, as usual, does not seem to mind.

Steve purchased a new pair of snow boots. His shoe is 1.5x bigger than Newt's!

Andy going airborne!

Brandon doing a Zoolander while diving for his football.

On our ride home from Tahoe.

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Carol said...

awww lookie those cutie beagles in their fancy winter get-ups! here's to more beagle fun in 2009. woof woof arrroooooooo



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