Sunday, March 8, 2009

TROUBLE Got Arrested!

Sally raised the (trouble) bar this weekend by being arrested by the Millbrae Police! Being just a mere 4-year old, Sally is having quite an adventurous life.

The arrest occurred on Saturday when Jenny and I decided to leave Sally in the car while having Dim Sum in Millbrae. Like any responsible dog owner, we parked the car in the shade with the windows open.

When we got back from Dim Sum about an hour or so later, we found a note on the car and Sally missing! Apparently, while we were gone, Sally was howling as usual and someone called the police. The police took Sally with them to the station and left us a note. (Sally does sound like a dying dog/seal when she howls, which anyone that has heard Sally can attest to.)

Sally's Mug Shot

After a long, stressful day at the police station, Sally needed some rest.


chu! said...

OMG!! hilarious!! how did they get sally out?! was your car locked when you got back?? sneaky.

Carol said...

omg! did the cops jimmy the door open to arrest her? i can't believe jenny did not mention this when i talked to her on saturday! trouble!

Julie said...

I guess Sally was protesting for not getting some dim sum! Glad everyone was safe!

Wing said...

oh, so sorry to hear about Sally's arrest. did you have to pay a fine for that??

Andy Lo said...

Yeah, the cop actually broke into our car and took Sally and her crate. Luckily no fine. Just a recommendation to share our dim sum with Sally next time. =P

Newt said...

*sigh* sally wally



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