Sunday, April 12, 2009

Paula and Aaron

Last Saturday, Newt and I spent the morning taking engagement photos for Paula and Aaron. Paula (Newt's sister) and Aaron met at Genentech, and so what better location to capture the moments than the place where it all began. We had such a great time with the shoot that time really flew by. I was quite impressed by how scenic Genentech is: beautiful trails, awesome views of the water, a nearby pier, and a forklift truck (you'll see!).

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot:

This is my favorite shot of the set

Before they take away the sign and change it to Roche, we figured we better snap a couple shots with the sign.

As we were walking along the buildings, we saw this forklift truck. We said "what the heck!"


Carol said...

awww...only you could make genentech look romantic, andy! mad camera skills

snoopyjoanne said...

great shots! i feel like i am looking at a professionals' blog! :)



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