Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It was a bright and fiery night...

Last Saturday, we had some friends over for Hot Pot and almost burned our house down. In the midst of setting up the gas stoves, we weren't aware that the butane gas was leaking. When I attempted to start the fire, BA BOOM! Thank God there wasn't any bodily injury (except for Andy's arm hair) or damage to the house. It could have gone a whole lot worse.

The aftermath of the explosion. Check out the plastic table cover!

2008-11-22 Hot Pot with Friends

2008-11-22 Hot Pot with Friends-7

2008-11-22 Hot Pot with Friends-10

2008-11-22 Hot Pot with Friends-13
Julie, Noelle, Shirley and Jenny were making beignets. Yum!
2008-11-22 Hot Pot with Friends-19

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snoopyjoanne said...

why weren't we invited to hot pot? thank goodness the table was spared. oh and whew andy is okay.



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